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The Unofficial Luna X-1 Enduro Display Manual

An unofficial manual for Luna Cycle's awesome X-1 Enduro e-bike.

The Unofficial Luna X-1 Enduro Display Manual

The X-1 comes equipped with Bafang’s M600 drive system. This includes the G521 motor and DP C240 display & controller.

The Controller

You’ll use the buttons on the controller to navigate the display, change settings, and adjust the configuration.

Bafang C240 Controller

Display Basics

The display shows information about your e-bike’s settings and riding statistics.

Bafang C240 Display

Battery Remaining

Displays the remaining capacity of the battery as a percentage value.

Headlight/Backlight Indicator

Press and hold the Up button to toggle the display backlight. The display also features a light sensor that will automatically trigger the display backlight and headlight (if equipped) when in a dark environment. The headlight icon will appear when the headlight/backlight is active.

Assist Setting

Press Up to increase the assist level and Down to decrease. Assist levels start at 0 (no assistance) and scale up to 5 (maximum assistance). Note that the Assist Setting affects the maximum power available at 100% throttle. For maximum power at 100% throttle, select PAS 5.

Boost Mode

Note: Since all versions of the X-1 are equipped with a throttle, this feature is made moot by the ability to simply press the throttle lever.

Boost mode allows you to exceed the drive’s 25 MPH (40 km/h) PAS limiter. This feature allows the rider to use full motor power temporarily, bypassing the limit. To initiate boost mode, start by pedaling to 25 MPH. Press Up repeatedly until the Boost Mode Icon (pictured below) appears. Press and hold the Boost / ON-OFF button. You should feel the motor assist you beyond 25 MPH. To terminate boost mode, release the Boost / ON-OFF button.

Boost Mode Icon

Walking Mode

Repeatedly press Down until the walking mode icon is displayed. Then press and hold Down for 2 seconds and the motor will move the bike along at a walking pace. To stop, release the Down button.

Note: You do not need to use the throttle while using Walking Mode. Doing so may cause the bike to leap out of your grip.

Walking Mode Icon

Info Display

Cycle the info line by briefly pressing the Boost / ON-OFF button. Available information includes:

Adjusting Settings

To enter the settings menu, press and hold the Up and Down buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. The display will show the main settings menu. Use the Up and Down buttons to select an item, and press the Boost / ON-OFF button to activate an item.

The menu is arranged in a two-tier heirarchy, with the following items:

Details for each menu item follow:


These settings can be configured to adjust the operation of your bike.


Configures the linear unit of measure used for speed, trip, odometer, etc.

Auto Off

Configures the time (in minutes) before the system automatically turns off. Can be disabled by selecting OFF from the menu. Note that the system draws a small amount of power, even when the bike is not moving. It will slowly deplete your battery if auto off is disabled and the bike is left on.


The brightness of the display as a percentage of maximum intensity.

Power View

Configures the unit used to display the real time power output.

Al Sensitivity

Configures the sensitivity of the light sensor for the backlight / headlight. Note that this is a capital “a” followed by a lower case “l”, which stands for Auto-Light. The font makes it easily confused with Artificial Intelligence. Other display firmware versions use all-caps “AL”.

Trip Reset

Resets the trip values. See Info Display section for a list of values reset by this function.


Enables a vibration with each press of a controller button.


Enables service mode.

Assist Mode

Configures the available number of assistance levels. Note that changing this does not change the amount of total assistance available. It is best to think of them as divisions of a whole. E.g. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 for 3 levels of assist and 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5 for 5 levels of assist.


Navigates back to the main menu.


These settings are for information only. They are loaded with the firmware and cannot be changed.

Wheel Size

28 Inch, the size of the wheel used for computing speed.

Speed Limit

90 km/h / 56 MPH, limits the top speed of the bike.

Display Info

Displays the hardware and software version of the display.

Controller Info

Displays the hardware and software version of the controller.

Torque Info

Displays the hardware and software version of the torque sensing unit.

Error Code

Displays a list of the 10 most recent error codes.


Navigates back to the main menu.


Exits the menu system.